glocke-640You are cordially invited to recommend other electric-smog-reduced accommodations to be added to this directory. Please send us your recommendation via email.
This website is still in beta version. If you notice any mistakes – or if you have general suggestions – please feel free to contact us.

Please respect these guidelines when contributing:

      1. This is a directory of electric-smog-reduced accommodations. This means that the building doesn’t have to be completely Wi-Fi free – even if this is preferable – but that at least guest rooms without exposure to radiation are offered (eg in an outbuilding). Completely Wi-Fi free accommodation, however, will be marked by a green border in the search results.
      2. Wireless radiation from routers usually is perceived as very aggressive and impairing by electro-sensitive people. However, other sources of electromagnetic pollution such as DECT phones, extensive electrical installations around the bed or a mobile phone mast in the vicinity of the hotel may also lead to physical or mood disorders. Therefore, please state in your recommendation as many details as possible – also praiseworthy features like eg a system to lower the voltage in the electrical grid as soon as the last electrical consumer is switched off.
      3. EHS people often react also very sensitively to other environmental influences. Therefore you’re invited to add also details that may be relevant to allergic or MCS-challenged guests. For allergy sufferers, it may be important that the rooms are without carpets or that no pets are allowed. MCS people don’t tolerate fragrances, therefore no bedding washed with fabric conditioners, no laminate flooring or other VOC exhaling furnishings.
      4. In some forums the opinion is widespread that electric-smog-free places and accommodation shouldn’t be made public, most of all because mobile operators by that might become aware of dead spots and expand their network. We believe that on one hand a publication can be pubblicity and therefore of help for hotels and hosts who offer their guests a healthy atmosphere. On the other hand such a list is a public signal that there is actually need for such “enclaves” and that it’s advisable to use modern technologies more consciously. Last but not least the purpose of this directory is to help other EHS by exchanging of information. Nevertheless, for various reasons, one or the other host might have objections to be listed in such a directory. So before you recommend a new company, please ask the host for his/her consent. This makes our work a lot easier.
      5. There is no right to an entry or a predefined description.
      6. Reviews have to be kept as objectively as possible.

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