Hotel Pensione Guerrato

The hotel „Pensione Guerrato“ is located in the heart of Venice, right next to the lively vegetable and fish market on the banks of the Grand Canal and in close proximity to the Rialto Bridge. From some rooms in the left part of the building you can get a glimpse of the Grand Canal and have the vegetable market with its typical hustle and bustle, shouting and singing right beneath you.
Hotel Pensione Guerrato is only a few minutes walk from the Pensione Guerrato to St. Mark’s Square, the Accademia Gallery and Bridge and all the important and famous sights of Venice. In addition to some guest rooms in the main building, there are four nearby apartments belonging to the hotel.

No question: in cities like Paris, Rome and Venice there is hardly a place that does not provide the desired all-time, mobile access to the Internet. In general, it is hardly possible to find places in city centers without mobile connectivity. However, due to lower booking rates during the corona pandemic, travelers who want to at least spend the night without WiFi, have a better chance to choose rooms that are a little out of the way or have no WiFi reception. Also hosts can switch off routers or repeaters more easily without having to worry about possible complaints from other guests.

The Pensione Guerrato is a small, family-run hotel with a staff always open to the needs of its guests. For all those who now want to get to know Venice without the usual crowds, we can recommend an inquiry in this hotel for a room or apartment without wifi. A member of our team has visited this hotel several times and always felt in good hands. The staff is available to guests at all times to make their stay in Venice pleasant and unforgettable in the best sense.