Active Holidays without Electrosmog

Aktivurlaub ohne Elektrosmog

„Digital detox“ is an advertising slogan with which more and more hotels and tourism associations are courting guests. There is talk of switching off and calming down, handing in your cell phone at reception and abstinence from the internet. Anyone who suffers from an internet-based information overload at work or has gotten fed up with excessive smartphone use, for whom such a holiday offer may be a welcome change, even if it takes some getting used to. Such "digital detox" packages are rarely suitable for electrosensitive vacationers, because if you take a closer look at the relevant hosts, you will see that these hotels are technically "up-to-date" and often in the whole house WiFi can be used. A reassuring fact for internet junkies on cold turkey.

An active holiday programme that actually takes place far away from mobile phone radiation, are the "From Survive to Life" seminars by Swiss experience coach Marcel Hager. In addition to individual coaching, 24-hour survival training, weekends or a whole week spent in the great outdoors, with all its imponderables, are offered. The sense of direction, the covering of basic needs even in emergency situations, one's own perseverance and cohesion in the group are trained. In short, it is “personality training in the wilderness”, team and character building, empowerment and vision finding.

Level 2 trekking and outdoor training (2 days) takes place in mobile phone-free areas in Switzerland, Level 3 training (6 days) away from civilization in Iceland, Greenland, Lapland, Scotland and Sardinia. Participation requirement is an average basic condition. It is an advantage not to be afraid of heights. The groups are mixed, but there is one seminar for men only and in September 2015 there will be a "character weekend" especially for women.
Teilnahmevoraussetzung ist eine durchschnittliche Grundkondition. Von Vorteil ist es, keine Höhenangst zu haben. Die Gruppen sind gemischt, es besteht allerdings ein Seminar nur für Männer und im September 2015 wird es ein „Charakter-Wochenende“ speziell für Frauen geben.

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