Worth Reading: umwelt – medizin – gesellschaft, 3/2014

Lesetipp: umwelt – medizin – gesellschaft, 3/2014

The current issue of the magazine "environment - medicine - society" umwelt – medizin – gesellschaft is dedicated to the main topic "New Media - New Risks". In four articles, the organ of several environmental medicine associations examines in detail the conditioning to digital consumption, the effects of digital media and mobile communications on humans, and the effects of mobile communications radiation on farm animals.

The editorial alone is worth reading: Prof. Dr. phil. Karl Richter, member of the board of the Kompetenzinitiative, sums up the "omnipotence of technology and the impotence of those affected" and concludes with the demands for a future-proof mobile phone policy, which administrative judges i. R. Bernd Budzinski formulated in a lecture in the spring of this year during the conference of the competence initiative “Long-term risks of mobile and communication radio”:

  1. Non-ionizing radiation, as used in mobile communications, is classified as environmentally harmful in the sense of § 3 I of the Federal Immission Control Act.
  2. Mobile phone waves are generally to be treated legally in the same way as, for example, car exhaust fumes or cigarette smoke, but also weak radioactive radiation.
  3. This means: education of the population, cell phone ban for children, general cable priority, end of the so-called indoor coverage, radio-free areas and general transmission power minimization of all radio technologies to the technically necessary level as well as the enactment of a mobile phone law with child, neighbor and insurance protection.

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